Wednesday’s Shocking ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Lulu’s Health Takes A Frightening Turn

Lulu Spencer initially made it through the explosion at the Floating Rib, but General Hospital spoilers reveal that she’s not out of the woods yet. Viewers had speculated that she might end up with a head injury that brought on a delayed complication, and it looks as if that’s exactly what’s about to play out.

Throughout Tuesday’s General Hospital episode, an emotional Lulu tried to cope with Dustin’s death. She talked with Maxie, who encouraged her to tell Dante that she was still in love with him. Initially, Lulu resisted, but by the end of the episode, she admitted her feelings for him.

Unfortunately, as Lulu was telling Dante she loved him, it was clear she was not feeling well. He teased her about telling him what she needed because he wanted her to get checked out.

She collapsed right after mouthing to Dante that she loved him. In the days ahead, General Hospital spoilers suggest that there’s a lot of heartbreak ahead for her loved ones.

According to General Hospital teasers from SheKnows Soaps, Kevin will have to share some bad news with Laura during Wednesday’s show. Given Lulu’s collapse into Dante’s arms, it seems quite certain that Kevin will be the one to tell Laura about her daughter’s situation.

Jon Lindstrom and Genie Francis play Kevin and Laura on 'General Hospital'

Will Lulu be able to survive this? All that is known for certain right now is that actress Emme Rylan, who has played Lulu for several years, wrapped up filming several weeks ago. She wasn’t able to explicitly confirm the rumors that she had been fired, but it was made pretty clear.

If she does survive this, it seems likely she’ll end up leaving Port Charles for some reason connected to what happened. She could end up in a coma or need to go to rehabilitation out of town, or it’s possible she might be fine but have to leave to keep herself safe as Laura tries to deal with Cyrus.

Unfortunately, it seems more likely that Lulu will end up dying from the injuries she suffered in the explosion. Next week, teasers indicate that Laura and Dante will clash over what’s going on with Lulu, though nothing definitive has been revealed beyond that.

Lulu isn’t the only one in a heap of trouble right now. Julian is not only terrified of what Cyrus will do to him after failing to kill Jason, but he’ll soon learn he’s got other problems.

Britt told Jason and Sonny the truth that Julian had scrambled to hide for so long about the baby swap. General Hospital spoilers suggest that he’ll soon be gone from town too, but it’s not known yet whether he’ll leave on his own or if he gets killed by one of the mobsters.

All signs point toward Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital being an intense one that fans will not want to miss.

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