Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Port Charles Mourns Floating Rib Deaths, But More Heartbreak’s Ahead

Emme Rylan stars on 'General Hospital'
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General Hospital spoilers suggest that there might be more devastation on the way for everybody in Port Charles. Two people have already been confirmed dead after the Floating Rib was torn apart by a bomb, but viewers suspect that there might be more deaths on the way.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Tuesday’s episode will focus mostly on the aftermath of the explosion. Quite a few people are at General Hospital at this stage, either being treated or waiting for news on their loved ones.

At the moment, it doesn’t look as if there are any other imminent deaths. General Hospital fans, however, suspect that this might not be entirely over yet.

At the very least, a couple of departures are coming, with both Lulu and Julian set to exit soon. Will they leave of their own accord, or could one or both of them still end up losing their lives in connection to what happened with the bomb?

During Monday’s General Hospital show, there was a lot of panicking and scrambling at the Floating Rib. Elizabeth wasn’t seriously injured, and it seemed that Cameron made it through the blast with just minor issues as well. Franco was more seriously hurt, and he was left arguing with Liz about whether to have the surgery the doctors recommended.

Roger Howarth and Rebecca Herbst film as Franco and Liz on 'General Hospital'
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It had been expected by many fans that Lulu might perish in the blast, but she made it out okay as well. Unfortunately, Dustin was critically injured and died at General Hospital. Spoilers suggest, however, that this isn’t the end of the trauma for Lulu or her loved ones.

Dev also died, but he managed to thank Sonny for helping him first. At the end of Monday’s General Hospital episode, Sam and Carly were relieved to see that Jason was fine, and he said he’d just dropped Danny off at the Quartermaines.

Is Lulu really out of the woods? If she is, then that sparks plenty of speculation regarding how she’ll end up leaving Port Charles.

Does she leave town to take a break and recoup after Dustin’s death? Could Laura convince her to leave because of her worries over Cyrus? Could Lulu end up having some sort of fatal head injury that catches up to her in another episode or two? That last possibility has popped up a number of times on social media.

“LuLu baby you hit your head. Let them check you out,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“Hmmm Lulu hit her head. I wonder if we’re gonna get a delayed death with her. We see her up, walking around and talking then she collapses?” another Twitter user speculated.

General Hospital spoilers detail that later this week, Kevin will share bad news with Laura. Next week, Dante and Laura will have different perspectives on something related to Lulu that leads to a clash of sorts.

Fans have been upset over the reports that both Lulu and Julian will be gone soon. If the writers keep both of them alive but simply send them out of town with the door potentially open for a return, that might lessen the sting slightly. General Hospital viewers are anxious to see where this heads next, and many have a hunch there’s more devastation on the way.