Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: The Floating Rib Explosion Leads To Deaths In Port Charles

General Hospital spoilers for the week of November 23 reveal that it’s likely to be a rough week for nearly everybody in Port Charles. The last that viewers saw, Julian had ignited the bomb that Cyrus pressured him to put at the Floating Rib. A new preview shared via Twitter seems to confirm that not everybody will make it out of this incident alive.

The preview teases that there will be a frantic search for survivors. It also teasingly questions who will survive. Unfortunately, many people suspect that Lulu will be one of the people who loses her life.

On Monday, viewers will see Dante make a call for help. He was just about to enter the establishment when the bomb went off. Inside, Dustin had just proposed to Lulu, and she was caught off-guard as she’d been about to put their romance on hold to an extent.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Dante and Dustin will find themselves sharing a common goal this week. That might suggest Lulu survives the blast but might be in dire condition. She will surely be rushed to General Hospital, and spoilers have previously hinted that this will lead to full heartbreak for Laura and everybody else who loves Lulu.

The General Hospital sneak peek shows Laura rushing toward the Floating Rib. She’ll surely be worried that Lulu is still in there, but Mac will physically restrain Laura from getting too close.

Laura, Mac, and Dante won’t be the only ones present and waiting for word on their loved ones. Carly and Sonny will make their way there, too. At one point, he will mention that it’s not supposed to end this way.

It appears that a triage medical tent or something of that nature will be set up as emergency personnel try to find and treat survivors. General Hospital teasers reveal that Cameron will be injured, and Elizabeth will lean on her father-in-law Scott as she navigates this heartwrenching challenge. That could be interpreted as a hint that Franco will be injured as well.

On Wednesday, Kevin will have to share some bad news with Laura. Maxie will be worried and anxious to get information from Mac, and this certainly could be related to her bestie Lulu.

Sam will blow off Julian at one point, and she’ll get frustrated when she feels as if something’s being hidden from her. Given the fact that Danny and Jason were hanging out at the Floating Rib right before the explosion, it seems likely that someone will be trying to hold off on letting Sam know they may have been hurt.

Julian will work on coming to terms with his involvement in all of this. He will receive an ultimatum from Ava, which could hint that she’ll piece together his connection to the bomb.

It sounds as if Ava will pressure Julian to accept Nikolas’ offer to leave town. Teasers detail that he will be gone soon, but it remains to be seen whether that’s because he’s killed or because he accepts Nik’s offer to help him disappear.

The next few shows will also include Britt being by Brad’s side as he has a nightmare. Alexis continues to lash out at her loved ones over her drinking, and Carly will try to help Brando in some way.

There are no new episodes airing on Thursday or Friday due to Thanksgiving. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that the next few days will be jam-packed with plenty of action, and the following shows will be wild ones.