Monday’s Shocking ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: An Explosion Leads To Heartbreak Throughout Port Charles

Friday’s episode of General Hospital ended with a bang and left fans anxious about what comes next. Quite a few viewers were already anticipating this November sweeps explosion, but it still left everybody on the edges of their seats. Who will live and who will die after what happened at the Floating Rib?

During the November 20 show, many central Port Charles residents gathered at the Floating Rib for some fun. Unfortunately, Julian had been directed by Cyrus to leave a bomb there, and at the end of the episode, it exploded. The preview for Monday suggested that there will be multiple casualties and that things will get intensely chaotic at General Hospital.

It was shown that Dante, Sonny, Laura, Alexis, Valentin, and Sam were all elsewhere when this bomb went off. Dante had visited with his father and was approaching the establishment as it exploded. Alexis was facing an intervention at Sam’s place, but Jason and Danny were at the Rib.

In addition, Cameron and Dev had been there hanging out, and Elizabeth and Franco had just arrived. Lulu had been there visiting with Laura, and Dustin had arrived and proposed to her.

Emme Rylan plays Lulu on 'General Hospital'

According to General Hospital spoilers for Monday from SheKnows Soaps, Dustin and Dante will end up working toward a common goal. Unfortunately, that probably means that Lulu will be gravely injured and they’ll be desperate to see her survive.

General Hospital teasers have signaled, however, that Lulu might perish as a result of her injuries.

Sonny will face something devastating, and Carly will be eager for news. Naturally, they’ll both be anxious to hear that Jason and Danny were not seriously injured in this incident.

Sam will apparently leave Julian hanging in some way during Monday’s show. He may reach out to her, hoping to say goodbye as he essentially already did with Ava and Alexis.

However, Sam has not been on good terms with him for a while now. Will she ignore his outreach because she’s with Alexis, or because she learns about the explosion and worries for Jason and Danny?

Laura is back in town and is focused on Cyrus, but that’s about to shift. General Hospital teasers indicate that she’ll be thrown off when Mac catches up to her, and again, this is probably about the situation that has her daughter and many others they care about at risk. She’s already eager to take down Cyrus, but when and if she learns he orchestrated this explosion that may end up killing Lulu, her fury will be impossible to contain.

Cameron is reportedly injured during this, and additional General Hospital tidbits suggest that Franco could be facing trouble too. During the week ahead, Elizabeth will lean on Scott for support as she waits for news.

Will Lulu die as a result of this blast? How much heartbreak will Elizabeth face? General Hospital spoilers indicate that this incident is going to wreak a lot of havoc in the days ahead and fans are anxious to see just how crazy things will get.