Ashton Kutcher Leaves Concert After Melee With Security Guards

Ashton Kutcher left the Stagecoach music festival after a violent melee with security.

According to TMZ, Kutcher and a few security guards got into a shoving match after a female fan tried to approach the actor during a show at Stagecoach.

The gossip site reports that Kutcher was in the VIP area near the stage for the Nick 13 and Dwight Yoakam concert when a woman approached him and tried to shake his hand. One of the security guards stepped in to separate the two and apparently Kutcher didn’t like that.

The two started arguing and pushing each other. Kutcher’s friends and a few other security guards got involved in the melee before Kutcher was eventually pulled away.

Kutcher left the show after the incident by his own choice. But UPI notes that the security guard was trying to have him ejected after the melee.

Kutcher has not commented on the incident yet.

Kutcher’s Stagecoach experience may have been cut short by a violent disagreement with security but the actor did get to see a few shows at the country music festival. The actor sent out this picture from the show last night.

Are you surprised that Ashton Kutcher was involved in a scuffle last night? According to one eye witness, the actor was definitely “not the aggressor” in the incident.