LaMelo Ball Reportedly Has No Girlfriend As He Enters The NBA, And His Dad Explains Why

LaMelo Ball is apparently following his dad's advice to focus on basketball, not a girlfriend, as he enters the NBA.

The projected lottery pick in the 2020 NBA Draft has been in the spotlight for years thanks to his famous older brother, New Orleans Pelicans guard Lonzo Ball, and their outspoken father, LaVar Ball. The family has been featured in a reality television series as they became fixtures of the celebrity news circuit. However, the soon-to-be NBA player's love life has remained rather quiet.

The top prospect's father may be part of the reason why he has no girlfriend. LaVar recently appeared on Bro Bible's Endless Hustle podcast and spoke about the difficulty of balancing life in the league with a relationship. He said that being a star player often attracts women with their priorities in the wrong place.

"You're never going to meet a nice woman, especially in basketball," he said in a clip shared on Twitter.

"If you're in this profession, when you have all this fame and notoriety, how are you going to meet a good girl? You're not because, what, you're going to meet are in that restaurant where you eat, or are you going to go to a club where you dance or you're going to meet her at the arena?"
LaMelo's brother Lonzo has learned firsthand the difficulty of balancing a high-profile relationship with a burgeoning basketball career. His on-again, off-again pairing with Denise Garcia made for plenty of headlines, especially as their ups and downs were often the focus of the family's reality television show, Ball in the Family. The couple, who share a child together, ended up splitting for good back in 2019.

Even though LaMelo may not have a girlfriend right now, his dating life has also made headlines in the past. He was previously linked to Ashley Alvano, who garnered some screentime on the show as well. The relationship helped thrust the teenage model into the spotlight, but the pairing ultimately didn't last very long.

He appears more than happy to focus on sports. LaMelo Ball has been projected as one of the top picks in the draft, and told ESPN that he's more than ready to jump into the league.

"I feel like I'm just the right man for it," he said. "Like I said, I feel like I'm born for this whole thing going on, so that's pretty much my answer right there."