Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Michael & Willow Lash Out After Hearing The Truth About Chase & Sasha

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Wednesday, November 18 indicate there will be a couple of emotional discussions taking place due to truth bombshells finally dropping. After months of being kept in the dark, Michael and Willow have finally learned that Chase and Sasha didn’t cheat on them. Both of them were left stunned by the revelations and they’ll be demanding answers.

Sasha’s overdose and subsequent cardiac arrest left those who had previously been close to her feeling completely stunned. Chase admitted he’d known something seemed off, but he had no idea she’d been doing drugs. Willow and Michael had no awareness of this at all.

Michael was allowed to sit by Sasha’s bedside at General Hospital and his mother Carly stood near the door behind him. As he talked to an unconscious Sasha and mourned all that had happened, Carly finally found herself unable to keep quiet. She admitted that Sasha and Chase had never really had a fling.

At the same time, Chase and Willow were talking in the hallway. He admitted the same thing to her. According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, this will prompt some big reactions during Wednesday’s show.

Willow will be intensely angry as she tries to wrap her head around this. She was completely crushed by walking in on Chase and Sasha seemingly fooling around and she never suspected it was a setup. General Hospital teasers suggest she will not hold back in telling Chase what she thinks of his lies.

In Sasha’s room, Michael will lash out at Carly. While he’ll certainly be angry at Chase and Sasha, finding out his mother knew what really happened and held it from him will leave him stunned.

The sneak peek for Wednesday reveals that Willow will ask Chase how he could do something so awful. In addition, Michael will question how Carly could withhold the truth from him.

What does this mean for everybody going forward? Willow and Michael still have feelings for Chase and Sasha. However, they also just slept together for the first time and they’ve acknowledged they’ve grown romantic feelings for one another.

The truth coming out now may end up being too little, too late. General Hospital teasers hint that Sasha will recover, but that it’ll be Brando rather than Michael keeping an eye out for her.

General Hospital viewers saw the pairing of Michael and Willow coming months ago. Quite a few people still want to see her reunite with Chase though. Spoilers suggest things will remain tense for a while, and it may take some time for the dust to settle and for these four to figure out what comes next.

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