YouTube Announces First Ever ‘Comedy Week’

YouTube is looking to make a name for itself in the comedy sector in a very big way in May. The first ever “Comedy Week” will feature a variety of different big time comedians all showing their wares on the social video networking site.

Google’s video service has been looking to get more eyes on the site over the last few weeks with a host of cool little features. Most recently the site was highlighting the birthday of the video tape by actually allowing people to watch videos using that less than top notch quality of picture.

YouTube’s foray into this Comedy Week endeavor is an entirely different experience in terms of effort and span. The seven-day bonanza of comedy will be featuring plenty of some of the funniest men and women out there.

There will be a whole host of different ways in which people will be able to access the event. Some of the offerings will be live video, while others will be taped and uploaded to the site.

There will also be a nice mishmash of people who will be featured during the week. There will be plenty of well known actors and actresses, all from the comedy side of the business. Rainn Wilson is just one of the names that is expected to appear.

Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Reggie Watts and the comedy duo Tim & Eric are also some of the big names that are taking part with this particular endeavor. There will also apparently be plenty of home grown comedic talent featured during the week.

The Gregory Brothers and the guys who are behind the Epic Rap Battles of History will also be showing off what they can do when they are given a larger stage.

The YouTube Comedy Week will run from May 19 to May 25.