Argentina Train Crash: Passengers Shouted 'Murderer' At Driver

There was a train crash in Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires, on Saturday, when a train failed to brake properly at a stop. There were 99 people injured, many seriously. The accident took place at the same Buenos Aires station which saw a crash last year which tragically killed 51, and injured over 700 people.

Officials from the railway authorities said that the cause of the accident, which occurred just before 7:30 am, is yet to be determined. Television footage shows train cars which came off their tracks and ended up on the platform of the station.

About a dozen nearby hospitals accepted the injured who were taken there by 30 ambulances and two helicopters. The train which was having issues braking between two stations, had passengers worried due to the accident at the same station last February.

People described a chaotic scene where passengers were tossed to the floor at the time the train made impact. A number of people were trapped on the train and needed to be rescued by firefighters.

It is not clear at this time if the train driver was negligent, or if there was a fault with the train itself. The driver, aged 45, is thought to be well experienced; he was injured in the crash.

A rider in the third car of the train reported that people were shouting "murderer" at the driver following the crash. On top of last February's fatal crash there have been a number of other incidents in Buenos Aires train stations. In June a commuter train hit another train, killing three people and injuring 300.

Fortunately, in this case the crash occurred on the weekend and the train was only half full. The latest crash highlights the fact that the rail system in Argentina is in dire need of an overhaul as old and shabby trains are used to transport people.

It remains to be seen what caused the Argentina train crash on Saturday. A full investigation is underway into the circumstances which led to the crash.