‘What Did Chelsea Handler Look Like In High School,’ You Ask?

Have you ever wondered what Chelsea Handler looked like in high school?

On Thursday, Handler tweeted a photo of herself from when she was a teenager. Handler posed in the photo with two of her siblings, with the caption “Jersey sisters” in a tweet that went out to her 5 million followers.

Handler grew up as the youngest of six in Livingston, New Jersey. In the photo, she appears in a casual tank top with darker blond hair. Her Twitter followers complimented her youthful beauty, which (of course) resulted in a bit of a fight over whether or not she’s still beautiful (she is).

Despite the debate over her looks, the 38-year-old comedienne admitted in a recent interview to being bullied in high school.

“I’m so over it now I don’t even care,” Handler said in an interview with The Telegraph. “I’ll always get notes … Someone’s here to watch a taping and I’m like, ‘Who? The girl who used to chase me down the hallway?’ By the time you can have revenge and say, ‘Ha ha,’ you don’t even care about them anymore, you know? It would be sad if my career was built on that.”

Here’s Handler’s tweet, with the photo. It’s not clear when this photo was taken, but we’re guessing late 80s or early 90s from the hair. Pictured alongside Handler are sisters Simone and Shoshanna. Take a look!

[Top image via: David Shankbone, Wikimedia Commons]