NASCAR Pit Fight Leads To Arrests [Video]

A NASCAR pit fight spilled out of Richmond International Raceway and onto a nearby motorhome lot, ending in the assault arrest of two men who work on Brian Scott’s team. And it all probably started when Nelson Piquet Jr. kicked Brian Scott in an unfortunately personal place after last night’s Nationwide Series Race.

The video posted by NASCAR opens with a bang, as you can see Piquet and Scott scuffle in the aftermath of the race. “He kicked me below the belt, which I think is just a chicken move,” Scott said, as he appeared to possibly wipe away a tear. Ouch.

Scott was angry because he was in 15th place but still hoping to complete the race and gain some points. However, Piquet forced his car off the track, and Scott thinks it was deliberate.

“Every time we’ve raced against each other, he races me really dirty,” Scott claimed.

I’m not sure what he expected to gain by approaching Piquet to discuss the matter, but what he did get was the painful kick.

It isn’t entirely clear who started the fight — just who ended it.

Apparently, that wasn’t good enough for the Richard Childress crew. Two of Brian Scott’s team members, identified as Michael Searce and Thomas Costello, have now been arrested on misdemeanor assault charges. There doesn’t seem to be video of that fight, which took place outside of the pit, and the police haven’t identified the victims, except to say that one of them had a hurt shoulder.

However, at least one report said that people on the scene acknowledged that, yes, one of the men who was attacked was Nelson Piquet Jr. He wasn’t injured.

Searce and Costello were arrested and then released early Saturday morning by Henrico County Police. Their court date hasn’t been set at this time.

As for the low blow? Piquet said: “[Scott] came running at me yelling. It was kind of a first reaction to defend myself. It wasn’t meant to hit him where it ended up.”

NASCAR said they won’t comment on an ongoing investigation. What do you think about the unsportsmanlike NASCAR pit fight?

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