Over 91 Percent Of Brits Say There Is ‘No Way’ Prince Harry Can Return To The Royal Family

A new poll conducted by readers of the British newspaper the Daily Express has revealed that over 90 percent of Brits believe there is “no way” for Prince Harry to return to the royal family. The survey’s results came just hours after the Sussexes were accused of “stealing headlines” by staging their own private Remembrance Day ceremony after being excluded from the official event in the United Kingdom.

The poll, which was posted on November 9 and ran for over 12 hours, asked if there was “any way back” for the redheaded prince after the monarchy snubbed his request to have a veterans’ wreath laid on his behalf.

Ninety-one percent replied that there “no way” back, while around 7 percent said he could still return. The remaining 2 percent were undecided.

The negative feedback appeared to be largely due to Prince Harry’s decision to release seven photos of himself and his wife on Remembrance Sunday. Supporters of the duke said that he had every right to show his respect, especially as a veteran himself. Moreover, many added that he would likely have been criticized if he chose not to honor the occasion.

Critics responded that the duke’s request to have a wreath was inappropriate, as the royal family members only presented wreaths as representatives of military units. A such, they claimed that having someone present a wreath on behalf of a military unit was attention-seeking and would detract focus from the servicemen the occasion hoped to honor.

“For somebody demanding privacy and classing this as a ‘private’ act, they sure do like to make sure they have photographs released,” one survey respondent commented, referencing the seven photos released by the couple.

“Why didn’t he arrange to go to the British embassy’s commemoration service… he would have earned himself a lot more brownie points if he’d done that and not made a spectacle… by arranging photographers and press to be at that pathetic ‘ceremony’ they cooked up between them,” a second person added.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle walk down stairs.

As part of the “Megxit” deal, Harry and Meghan have the option to return to the monarchy in March 2021 after their one-year review. However, it remains to be seen whether public opinion will influence the final decision — either on the part of the royal family or the Sussexes themselves.

This is not the first poll over the past few months that has suggested that the duke and duchess are suffering from a massive drop in popularity. In September, it was revealed that almost 70 percent of citizens wanted the pair to lose their titles. Another more recent survey claimed that Prince Harry’s approval rating was at just 1 percent, while the former Suits actress earned a score of negative 26 percent, per The Inquisitr.