Monday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Finn's Condition Worries His Loved Ones As Anna Battles With Alex

Stacy Carey

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Monday, November 9, hint that Dr. Hamilton Finn's condition might be rather dire. He was shot during Friday's show in a battle with Alex, and he's got a major fight ahead of him.

As viewers saw during Friday's episode, Anna and Robert were able to get to Finn before much time had passed after the shooting. Robert went with him to General Hospital while Anna snuck out to track down Alex.

Peter caught up to Finn at General Hospital and was frightened to learn that Alex had taken Maxie away with her. As Peter talked with a barely conscious Finn, he heard phrasing from the injured doctor that gave him pause in terms of Alex's connection to him.

Finn, Anna, and Alex have all learned that Peter's biological mother isn't who he thought. Now, it seems he's on the brink of learning the truth.

According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, both Peter and Chase will be anxious during Monday's show. Peter will be waiting for an update, which surely references the fact that Alex took Maxie with her. In addition, Chase will visit the GH chapel as he says some prayers for his brother.

In addition, the sneak peek for Monday showed that Peter would end up calling out for help as he waited by Finn's bedside. Will Finn survive the gunshot? It doesn't look good for him at the moment, but there are some signs that suggest he'll pull through.

Earlier this week, a fun array of photos were shared via the General Hospital Instagram page. The cast had gathered on the set to celebrate a big anniversary, and actor Michael Easton was right in the thick of things.

Finola Hughes (Anna) was celebrating being with the show for 35 years, and a big party was thrown for her. Easton, who plays Finn, was right there by her side as the party was held last week. The photos also showed Jophielle Love, who is apparently back filming as Finn's daughter, Violet.

General Hospital fans also got their first peek at Gregory Chase, Finn and Chase's dad. Actor Gregory Harrison will play the role and he's apparently been filming his upcoming scenes too.

Given the shots included Easton, it seems like his character will pull through this potentially grave injury.

Will Maxie and her unborn baby make it through safely too? What is it that Alex plans to tell Maxie about Peter?

General Hospital spoilers for the week ahead suggest that this crisis for Chase might help him reconnect with Willow, at least a little bit. In addition, Robert will be trying to solve a mystery of some sort, but it's not known yet if that's connected to Peter, Alex, Holly, or something else.

Everybody in Port Charles will be scrambling in the days ahead, and fans can't wait to see what's next.