Lincoln Project Torched After Joe Biden Does Worse With Republican Voters Than Hillary Clinton

Although the United States presidential election has yet to be called, one thing appears clear — the Lincoln Project was largely ineffective at convincing Republicans to support Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. As reported by Esquire, the political action committee — founded by former Republicans opposed to Donald Trump — failed to move 10 electoral votes in the election despite raising over $60 million.

The committee’s apparent failure led to some scathing criticism from social media users.

“The Lincoln Project raised $67 million to win more Republican voters to Biden. They spent it on ‘consultant fees.’ And Joe Biden just did worse among Republican voters than Hillary Clinton did in 2016. Biggest grift in years,” tweeted the Gravel Institute.

“Lincoln project utterly failed – a higher percentage Republicans voted Trump in 2020 than 2016,” journalist Katie Halper tweeted.

“Congrats to @ProjectLincoln for its incredible work in siphoning the dumbest money in Democrat politics into the hands of the dumbest consultants in the U.S.,” tweeted The Federalist co-founder Sean Davis.

Elsewhere, progressive commentator Emma Vigeland argued on Twitter that the Biden campaign’s welcoming of the Lincoln Project is a reflection of the candidate’s “biggest failure.”

“Welcoming the Lincoln Project types into the fold & normalizing the GOP, separating them from Trump, allowed [Susan] Collins types to get off the hook.”

According to Esquire, the Lincoln Project was not the safe haven for conservatives repulsed by the U.S. leader that it wanted to be. The publication suggested this failure is due to the fact that the demographic isn’t as vast or significant as it was believed to be. The publication also suggested the Trumpification of the Republican Party is not going anywhere — whether the president wins or loses re-election.

The Lincoln Project has raised eyebrows in the past due to its purportedly curious finances. As The Inquisitr reported, the group came under scrutiny after it was revealed that Federal Election Commission (FEC) data showed it devoted 89 percent of its disbursements to operating expenditures from November 5, 2019, to March 31, 2020. also noted that the group came under fire for funneling money to advisory board members while spending fairly little on political ads. In addition, the committee hid some of its vendors, which has made tracking the flow of money in the organization difficult.

Campaign finance expert Rob Pyers noted that the Lincoln Project spends a small amount of funding on direct political activity. Combined with the reporting described above, some have scrutinized the group and suggested they are more interested in profit than helping the Democratic Party defeat the head of state.

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