Rick Pitino Gets Tattoo, Makes Good On Promise To Team

Rick Pitino has a tattoo.

The hall of fame coach made good on his promise to his Louisville players and got a tattoo on his shoulder.

Pitino promised his players that he would get a tattoo if they won the NCAA Championship. His team kept their side of the bargain earlier this month and now Pitino has done his part.

Pitino said: “I said it… not believing this was going to be a reality… But I am going to get it. I’m a man of my word. I’m going to get it on my left shoulder. It will be a cardinal and it will say ‘2013 champions.'”

The 60-year-old basketball coach revealed his Louisville Cardinals tattoo this morning on Twitter. The tattoo features a big Louisville “L” with the words “2013 Champions” written below.

Rick Pitino has had numerous accomplishments on the basketball court. He’s coached teams into the final four seven times and is the only coach to win the NCAA championship with two different teams. Pitino was also named to the Hall of Fame this year.

But his 2013 NCAA Championship with the Louisville Cardinals will always hold a place in his heart on his body.

What do you think of Rick Pitino’s tattoo?

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