Final 2020 Presidential Polls, High Turnout Shows 'Recipe For A Blowout' In Favor Of Joe Biden, Pundit Says

The final 2020 presidential polls and the high early turnout show a "recipe for a blowout" in favor of Joe Biden, a political pundit says.

Amy Siskind, a political commentator and prominent critic of U.S. President Donald Trump, took to Twitter to share her assessment of the final round of polling ahead of Election Day. She cited an NBC News/WSJ poll that showed Biden holding onto the double-digit lead that he had taken in the closing weeks of the campaign. As CNBC noted, the 10-point lead for Biden was largely the same as a similar poll taken earlier in the month of October that showed him with an 11-point advantage.

The report added that 92 million Americans have already cast ballots for this year's election, more than two-thirds the number of total votes cast in 2016. Siskind noted that both of these factors seem to portend well for the former vice president and sent a message encouraging Democratic supporters.

"Biden maintaining a stable lead in final days +10 in NBC/WSJ poll. In early voting the turnout is double of what it was in 2016, so we are not having the issue of low turnout," she wrote.

"This is the recipe for a blowout. Get out all our votes. We need the Senate & state legislatures! VOTE!"

Joe Biden appears at a campaign event.
Getty Images | Chip Somodevilla

She added that just 6 percent of voters were undecided this year, while 16 percent had not yet chosen a candidate in 2016 at the time Hillary Clinton was rocked with the leak of a letter from FBI Director James Comey announcing that the FBI was investigating new emails. Many pundits believe that letter was the motivation behind late movement to Trump, while Siskind pointed out that this race has been largely stable.

Early voting has been high in a number of key states as well, including Texas, where the Biden campaign is looking to flip the once deep-red state and make a path to victory nearly impossible for Trump. As New York magazine reported, voting numbers have already exceeded the 2016 election, with strong signs for Biden's chances.

"The (very) good news for Joe & Co. is that the state's urban and suburban counties have been the primary drivers of the turnout spike, with Harris County (home to Houston) mounting an especially impressive showing," the report noted on Friday, pointing out that 1.4 million people had already cast ballots in the populous Harris County.

Other polls show Biden in a strong position as well. The polling aggregator FiveThirtyEight showed that Biden had a roughly 90 percent chance of winning, while leading in key swing states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.