WWE News: Retribution Member Shares Real Thoughts On Fan Criticism & How Faction Has Been Booked

Though WWE’s Retribution debuted to much intrigue, the group’s booking has been questionable in recent weeks. They’ve lost most of their matches and their masks and monikers have polarized the WWE Universe. Mustafa Ali, the group’s leader, took to Twitter this week and addressed how he feels about the criticism hurled toward the upstart stable.

Answering a fan who noted how “sick” Ali must be of being told how “awful” the faction is, the superstar sarcastically claimed to enjoy the negative reactions they’ve received so far. However, he made it clear that neither he nor his stablemates are responsible for their creative direction on Monday Night Raw.

“No, I love it. Yelling at performers about a show they don’t write makes me smile.”

The fan in question also advised Ali not to “go down with the ship.” According to the tweeter, he’s too talented to have his efforts wasted on trying to elevate a doomed storyline.

Some of Ali’s followers weighed in on the matter as well, questioning the faction’s booking and the broader issue of how performers are arguably given poor material to work with regularly.

“As an Arab Muslim, I’m beyond sick of the treatment Mustafa constantly gets from the fans and how he’s written currently as some kind of Dark Order-esque cult leader which is what [people] that arent Arab Muslims think we are,” tweeted one follower.

The Dark Order reference pertains to an AEW stable that’s portrayed as a chaotic cult. While their characters are much different from Retribution’s members, both groups do share some similarities with each other.

Another tweeter asked if superstars get to “pitch in ideas with the writers” in an effort to make their storylines and character portrayals better.

Many of Ali’s followers agreed with his sentiment, noting that it isn’t the fault of WWE superstars when they’re involved in bad storylines. They’re simply doing what management and the creative team tells them to.

As The Inquisitr recently documented, Retribution’s mishandled run has been put down to backstage officials losing focus. The report clarified that Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard have been overseeing the angle, but stated they’ve allowed it to fall by the wayside in recent weeks.

The idea reportedly came to McMahon on a whim and he decided to run with it. However, no long-term plans were decided before the team was introduced to television, and they have suffered as a result.

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