‘Scream’ TV Pilot Will Bring Ghostface To MTV

A Scream TV pilot has been given the go-ahead by MTV, and the cable channel is hoping for Wes Craven to direct, The Wrap reported on Thursday.

According to the website, the Ghostface Killer will return in a one-hour adaptation of the Scream movie franchise, which currently consists of four films.

Well, two films and two monstrosities.

Craven has been responsible for all of them, so MTV figured why-the-heck-not. We suppose there is the chance they could get Scream 1/2 Craven, but given the last two entries and the offensively bad My Soul To Take, it’s a questionable aspiration.

MTV and Dimension Films will be working together on the project, and they’ve reportedly spoken to numerous writers, none of whom bear the name Kevin Williamson, or we’re sure there would have been some mention.

Williamson penned the original Scream as well as Scream 2 and Scream 4. Of course, the best thing about the latter was the after-party, but we digress.

Williamson has also been hard at work on The Vampire Diaries since 2009 and just this year launched the gruesome serial killer drama The Following starring Kevin Bacon.

Deadline added that there is no specific direction for the pilot, much less a Scream TV series should MTV pick it up after the planned premiere in the summer of 2014.

It can certainly be fun playing the speculation game, though. These days a straight reboot is always popular. Bringing on a new Sidney Prescott and allowing the story to play out in the same old way would be a little tired.

If we do see the same characters, it’s likely they’ll be brought in to the present to try to connect with MTV’s core audience, whether it’s a remake or a continuation.

There’s also the possibility that we could get a new cast with a new killer and new possibilities that all take place within the movie series’ continuity. A longer form version of Scream 5, if you will.

With the early success of Hemlock Grove, there is definitely a market for long-form horror, so it can work in the right hands. We’re just not sure Craven’s are the right hands at this point.

Here’s a fun little retrospective along with some speculation for how the series might continue:

What would you like to see out of a Scream TV show? A pilot is easy enough to pull off, but what direction do you think the series should go if it’s picked up?

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