Flight MH370 Investigators Claim They Have Finally Found The Crash Site, Potentially Ending Aviation Mystery

Aviation experts who have researched the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 have claimed that they have identified the probable crash flight of the doomed flight. They are now pressing for a new search of the area in the hopes that the wreckage can be discovered and offer closure to a six-year-old aviation mystery.

According to Air Live, Victor Iannello claimed that he and his colleagues believe that the plane flew 2,700 miles past Indonesia before "crashing into the South Indian Ocean near to the coordinates of S34.2342 and E93.7875."

Iannello had previously worked with Australian officials in an earlier search and was one of the four authors behind the new study.

"I won't speak for the other three authors, but I believe there are better than even odds that the plane is within 100 nautical miles (115 miles) of our last estimated point," he said.

The main location of the wreckage has escaped investigators for years. However, a number of pieces of the aircraft have washed up on islands in the Indian Ocean and along the east African coastline -- with the first piece found in 2015 on Réunion.

The flight disappeared while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on the night of March 8, 2014. Though no official reason has been given, the leading theory behind the presumed crash is that pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah had deliberately flown the plane into the ocean while on a suicide mission -- claiming an additional 238 lives in the process.

A hand points at a map of the potential MH370 crash area.
Getty Images | Paul Kane

The new findings have been echoed by other experts, such as former pilot Byron Bailey. Bailey referenced Shah's hypothesized motive for a reason behind the more southern-based location.

"I'm sure the captain was trying to ditch the aircraft in as far south, remote location as possible, and leave as little wreckage as possible that would sink," he explained, per The Daily Mail.

Bailey added that he believed the search team was within 30 kilometers of the wreckage site when the mission was called off in 2018.

"'If I'm wrong then it probably means the aircraft has been taken by aliens or is sitting in a hangar somewhere in Kazakhstan. I'd bet my house on it," he claimed.

As a result of the new data, investigators are trying to renew efforts to find the missing aircraft -- especially as more and more new pieces of information become available.

As was previously reported by The Inquisitr, an Indonesian fisherman asserted last year that he had seen the doomed flight crash and recorded it on his phone -- though it appears that there has been little follow-up on his allegations.