Mark Wahlberg To Reunite With The Funky Bunch? Actor Says ‘Why Not?’ [Video]

Mark Wahlberg has revealed that he is open to reuniting with his former hip-hop group.

The actor was recently asked if would be willing to reunite with the Funky Bunch for a one-off concert to benefit the city of Boston. Although Wahlberg didn’t say much about the possibility of revisiting his musical roots, he did seem open to the idea.

The question asked by a TMZ reporter outside of T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia about the possible return of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. The exchange may have been brief, it has certainly given hope to those who always wondered if the group would get back together.

When the reporter asked if Wahlberg would ever do a benefit concert for the city of Boston, he said he was “absolutely” open to the helping his hometown out.

The conversation took an interesting twist when the person asked if he would do it as Marky Mark and the “Fun Bunch.”

“Funky Bunch, but close. Why not?” he responded.

The Pain and Gain star paid a visit to T.C. Williams High School to tell kids to stay in school. Wahlberg said that he dropped out of school when he was a teenager.

The actor explained:

“If my career goes south, I’m working at McDonald’s. I’m driving a tow truck. That’s why I’m going back to high school. If you think about what I accomplished without a diploma, imagine what you can do with an education.”

It’s doubtful that Mark Wahlberg’s career is “going south” anytime soon. Even if Pain and Gain fails to find an audience at the box office, he still has Transformers 4 looming on the horizon.

Are you a fan of Mark Wahlberg? Are you excited about the possibility of a Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch reunion?

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