Kickstarter Funded 'Rape Book' Author Agrees To A Rewrite


What started out as a Reddit inspired book, turned into a full on debate, as Kickstarter neglected a fully funded project, otherwise known as a "PUA" book titled Above The Game. The problem? The "dating advice" guide was in fact a suggestive rape guide on how to dominate women.

Now the author of that campaign Ken Hoinsky promises that he'll write a book that promotes sexual consent. Immediately after knowledge came out that Kickster neglected to take action in Hoinsky's fully funded campaign, Do put up a petition to stop this from happening again.

In response Kickstarter released a statement apologizing for their neglect to remove the project, stating:"The posts offended a lot of people — us included — and many asked us to cancel the creator’s project. We didn’t. We were wrong."

Fortunately, the author of Above the Game has decided to rewrite his guide. Hoinsky agreed to meet with Do Something's petition writer Ben Kassoy to discuss the themes of sexuality and violence  and most of all the misogyny in his campaign.

In a statement, Koinsky said of his original project and subsequent rewrite:"Ben Kassoy of DoSomething.Org, a non-profit that encourages social change, reached out to provide alternate opinions and insights to help remove all of the potentially harmful advice.”

After their discussion the author realized he had to "seriously evaluate every last word of my writing to make sure I wasn't encouraging sexual assault in any way, shape, or form. I am proud to say that his was the first of many meetings I will be having with anti-rape and anti-abuse organizations."

The original Above the Game campaign was detailed on Kickstarter: "Don't ask for permission. Be dominant. Force her to rebuff your advance." This in many eyes, promoted rape culture, which seems to be running rampantly in our media as of late. The "dating advice" went on to explain: "Pull out your c**k and put her hand on it. Remember, she is letting you do this because you have established yourself as a LEADER. Don’t ask for permission, GRAB HER HAND, and put it right on your d**k.”

Are you happy that Ken Hoinsky has apologized and offered to rewrite his dating guide?