Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’: Nikolas Admits He Has ‘Inconvenient Feelings’ For Ava

During Thursday’s episode of General Hospital, spoilers teased that Nikolas and Ava will continue their complicated dance regarding their marriage. The night they spent together at the cabin has changed their dynamic substantially, but they’ve both been cautious about admitting their feelings. Is that about to change?

During Wednesday’s episode, Ava talked with Julian as she pieced together much of the blackmail scheme. She figured out that Scott had been blackmailing Nikolas over something too, and she speculated that Elizabeth and Franco had been coordinating with Scott on the whole thing.

In addition, Nikolas apologized to Elizabeth for his attempts to push his wife and Liz’s husband into having an affair. He also admitted to Liz that he’s started to see his bride in a different light.

Ava was waiting at Wyndemere for Nikolas when he returned home and they acknowledged they had things to talk about. SheKnows Soaps teases that Nikolas will make a confession during this upcoming chat.

According to the General Hospital sneak peek shared on Twitter, Nikolas will try to express his growing affection for his wife.

It seems that Nikolas will still dance around this a bit, telling her that he has inconvenient feelings in what was supposed to be a marriage of convenience. She is shown listening closely to every word, and General Hospital viewers will see how she responds during Thursday’s show.

Will Ava admit she’s developed a real affection for Nikolas too? Given her complicated history, it would probably be extremely challenging for her to allow herself to be vulnerable in this way.

However, she probably won’t be able to fully deny her attraction to him either. General Hospital spoilers hint that this pair may continue to hesitate in terms of what to do about this relationship.

Next week, Nik will tempt his wife in some sense. Has he decided to push ahead on trying to make this a true, romantic marriage? Will Ava give in to her desires?

Unfortunately, even though Ava has definitely developed romantic feelings for her husband, she has the Ryan issue to handle. He is pushing her to divorce Nikolas in exchange for protecting Julian. Ava tried to offer up another solution, but Ryan wasn’t interested.

Ava certainly isn’t going to throw her brother under the bus by entirely ignoring Ryan’s demands. However, it’s clear that she isn’t looking to divorce her husband at the moment.

There’s plenty of money riding on the possibility of a divorce, which is an issue on its own. However, there is this pesky growing romantic attraction that neither Ava nor Nikolas is ready to dismiss. General Hospital spoilers hint that there are major developments on the horizon with this pairing and fans can’t wait to see where it all heads.

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