‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Monday: Sasha & Willow Have A Chat

Monday’s General Hospital promises to be full of drama and lots of conflicted emotions. Relationships have been broken over the last few months, which led some down a dark path. Sasha Gilmore was introduced to drugs after her breakup with Michael and she is using more frequently these days. She will run into Willow Tait and they are expected to sit down and have a chat.

The previews for Monday’s General Hospital show them together. Sasha will look surprised when Willow suggests that they have a glass of wine together. They used to be best friends until Chase and Sasha came up with the plan to throw Willow and Michael together for the sake of Wiley. They are still in the dark about the fact that their exes cheating together was all a big lie. According to spoilers by SheKnows Soaps, the two women will hash things out. They certainly have a lot to talk about.

General Hospital fans have been gearing up for either Sasha or Chase to confess their secret eventually. This would be the perfect time for Sasha to let the cat out of the bag when she sits down with Willow. However, she is the one who has been adamant about not saying anything. She realizes that Michael and Willow are falling for each other and they are out to be a family with Wiley. This meeting between them will likely push Sasha into more drugs to ease the pain and guilt that she has felt for months.

While the women are having their chat, Chase will arrive at the gym at the same time that Michael is trying to clear his head. With his boxing gloves on, Michael will warn Chase that he is taking a risk. These two may also hash things out between them.

Soap Central teases that Willow will be seeking out Chase sometime during the week of October 19. That hints that she could have possibly learned about his and Sasha’s secret or she is concerned about Sasha and asks her ex about her.

Sasha hasn’t had it easy lately. Her continuing drug use has gotten her in trouble with her job at Deception. As The Inquisitr previously detailed earlier in the week, she became quite flustered during a presentation for a potential investor. She eventually got her act together, but no one has yet discovered exactly why she has been acting strangely lately.

Sasha could overdose and her talk with Willow is just the thing that could lead her to it. If the truth doesn’t spill this upcoming week on General Hospital, her downward spiral may be the thing that makes it all explode.

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