‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Spinelli Is In Trouble With Maxie Again

Kirsten Storms, Bradford Anderson, and Wes Ramsey on the set of 'General Hospital'
Nick Agro / ABC

Damien Spinelli is back on screen this upcoming week on General Hospital, but it seems that he just can’t catch a break. Spoilers tease that he does something that will irritate the mother of his child, Maxie Jones West, and that is expected to cause a blowup.

Maxie and Spinelli’s relationship is already on the brink of destruction over his outright dislike for her fiancĂ©, Peter August. He, along with Jason and Sam, have been bending over backward trying to come up with hard evidence to take Peter down. However, he has always been one step ahead of them. Maxie is growing tired of her ex’s antics. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicates that she will be putting an end to Spinelli’s suspensions. She will be giving him an ultimatum that will likely hit Spinelli right in the heart.

Maxie will be forced to give Spinelli a choice. It’s likely that she will tell him to stop with his hatred of Peter, or he will have to stay out of her life completely. Maxie is pregnant with her and Peter’s baby. Spinelli sees this as an urgency to do whatever it takes to nab Peter before the couple can further settle into a life together raising a family. He is trying to save her, but she doesn’t think she needs rescuing.

'General Hospital' star Kirsten Storms posing for a promo shot.
  Craig Sjodin / ABC

Now that Dante Falconeri is back in Port Charles on the orders of Liesl Obrecht, Peter is in more danger of being exposed. Obrecht is determined to take him down for framing her for Drew’s death. She is using Dante to investigate and do whatever is necessary to nab him.

It looks like Peter doesn’t stand a chance with Jason, Sam, Spinelli, Robert Scorpio, and now Dante after him. However, he is quite sneaky and seems to be one step ahead of all of them.

Maxie has absolutely no clue what Peter is capable of at this point. She is happy with her life and with the new baby coming in a few months. The unexpected pregnancy has certainly complicated things, but that hasn’t deterred Spinelli at all. When the truth comes out about all that her guy has done, she will be heartbroken and confused.

The Inquisitr had previously detailed how Dante came to be back in Port Charles, and the focus is on Peter. There may be a showdown between the two men eventually, and Spinelli may just want to take a front seat to watch it. He only wants to protect his “Maximista,” but he is playing a dangerous game when it comes to Faison’s son.