Winona Ryder Admits 90s Were Tough On Her As She Makes A Comeback

We haven’t heard much from Winona Ryder in recent years, and the actress we first met in Beetlejuice is now 41 years old — and set for somewhat of a comeback with her role opposite Michael Shannon in the upcoming film The Iceman.

Winona Ryder was one of the most iconic stars of the 90s, dating rock stars and fellow Hollywood celebs like Matt Damon and Johnny Depp, but, after a few rough years in the early 2000s, she faded from the limelight a bit.

Ryder now lives in San Francisco and has been slowly but steadily working — with her biggest role in years in the film set to hit theaters on a limited release early next month.

As Winona hits the press circuit ahead of The Iceman — in which she plays the wife of a hitman — the star looks eerily like she did 20 years ago.

But Ryder has the experience of more than two decades in Hollywood behind her and admits that all the fame and attention wasn’t so easy as a young celebrity:

“Even in the height of everything in the ’90s — even though I was the right age, I didn’t look the right age. I dealt with the age issue on the other side of not looking like I’m old enough … I worked very hard, and it took its toll.”

Ryder had a brief hiatus from acting in the early 00s after she was arrested in a high-profile shoplifting case.

Ryder continues, explaining that “aging out” of young Hollywood hasn’t been all that hard for her:

“But looking back, I just feel very, very fortunate … I am very happy in my life, very interested in other things. So it takes something special … I’m not interested in playing the girl that’s just there to make the guy, you know, give him a talking to.”

Chris Evans, Ray Liotta, and David Schwimmer star alongside Winona Ryder and Michael Shannon in The Iceman, which hits theaters on May 2.