WWE News: Hall Of Famer Teases Move To AEW In New Video

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Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco has been teasing a move to All Elite Wrestling ever since he was released from his WWE contract following 36 years of service last month. The legend’s newest Twitter video has fueled those rumors even more, and all of the signs point toward him joining the promotion.

In the video, Brisco revealed his friend Tony had been helping him edit and work with technology. He then went on to plug his merchandise and Cameo before revealing his “big announcement.”

He seemingly announced his next venture, but his words were drowned out by the WCW Nitro music and an appearance from a pop-up Tony Schiavone picture. Schiavone’s commentary audio was also included.

The teaser suggested Brisco was set to join Vince McMahon’s main competition. While WCW no longer exists, it was a rival to WWE for several years. AEW is a modern counterpart in that regard. Schiavone was also the main play-by-play commentator for WCW and currently works for AEW.

In the accompanying caption to the video, Brisco thanked a Tony for making his big news happen. Perhaps the commentator got him a job in the rival promotion. He may even have been referencing Tony Khan, who runs the company.

Some of Brisco’s followers interpreted the clip as confirmation he was joining WWE’s biggest competitor, and many of them were also thrilled at the prospect.

“@TonyKhan if you guys are doing this together with these promos and edits, f*cking brilliant. Also, glad you’re taking care of a legend in Mr. Brisco,” wrote one fan.

“Your teasing is on point, like your sideburns,” noted a second commenter.

“The talent in AEW can really use some of the wrestling pop Gerald Brisco can get,” stated a third user.

Brisco’s last role saw him working as a scout. However, he has worn several hats throughout the years, and his experience in the industry would undoubtedly make him a useful backstage asset to Khan and company.

Some other tweeters also speculated the Hall of Famer could be starting his own podcast. This was an exciting notion for some of his fans, as Brisco is a veteran who will have plenty of interesting stories to tell.

During his tenure with his former employer, he was one of McMahon’s most trusted confidants. This element of their relationship was even depicted on-screen when Brisco and Pat Paterson served as the chairman’s stooges during the Attitude Era.