‘The Lords Of Salem’ Review Roundup

The Lords of Salem, Rob Zombie’s latest horror film, hit theaters on April 19. See what the critics had to say.

Rob Zombie (born Rob Straker) is one of those guys you’ve probably heard of if you’re into hard rock and horror films, and for good reason. He’s rather accomplished at both. Originally starting out, he was in one of the hardest bands the radio would play, White Zombie. He was known for going onstage in full makeup as “the Zombie”, and the image sold Halloween costumes galore. After remaking “(I’m Your) Boogieman” for The Crow: City of Angels, he decided to direct the next film in the series, and from then on, he was both a musician and a film maker.

The Lords of Salem is about a radio DJ (Sheri Moon Zombie) who receives a gift from the “Lords” containing a record. The music on the record contains sounds that trigger memories of a violent past and she begins to wonder if the “Lords” are back to take revenge in the Massachusetts town.

Rob Zombie shows us with The Lords of Salem that what really scares us is not the jolts; it’s unforgettable imagery. He provides an aural-visual experience that rattles the nerves and sits in the back of your mind, much like The Shining. Where other films elicit a shock that might unnerve you for the moment, Rob Zombie’s scares are more on the unconscious level. His scares are most likely to give you the chills and occasional nightmares.

The Lords of Salem could be said to have a taunting nature toward those who say music can be evil. Like Rob Zombie and Ozzy Osbourne and so many other rock stars that have elicited lectures from pulpits, this film seems to confirm it. Rob Zombie delves into what can be evil in music, and uses the movie’s overall feel to convey a mind possibly torn by what it’s hearing.

Even Rob Zombie‘s own music tends to use audio queues driven from old movies as backdrops to add a creepy quality, so he knows what he’s doing after years of practice. The music the woman hears in The Lords of Salem seems to spark images naked old witches, demonic tentacled creatures, a defeathered and dancing turkey, a randy priest and some innovative torture, making her wonder if she’s slowly going mad.

What do you think of The Lords of Salem?