‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers For Wednesday: Ridge Agrees To Marry Shauna Again

Denise Richards and Thorsten Kaye star in 'The Bold and the Beautiful.'
Sean Smith/Cliff Lipson / CBS

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, September 30, reveal Quinn Fuller Forrester (Rena Sofer) is still out to exact revenge. This time around, she wishes to punish Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) by making her witness Ridge’s marriage union. She wants to give Brooke a front-row seat when the love of her life pledges his devotion to someone else.

Quinn pushes Ridge to make her friend happy by making him feel guilty that Shauna Fulton Forrester’s (Denise Richards) only wedding was a hasty affair with no one in attendance. He capitulates and agrees to marry her in front of an audience, per Highlight Hollywood.

Ridge and Shauna got married in a quick Las Vegas ceremony. While they are legally bound to each other, nobody seems to be taking his new wife seriously. Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) called it a “drive-through wedding,” while Brooke continuously jibes that the groom cannot even remember the ceremony. They think Shauna’s a chancer and took advantage of the designer when he was drunk.

Quinn decided Shauna and Ridge should repeat their vows in front of their friends and family. This way, Shauna gets to have the nuptials she missed out on, while their loved ones can also accept Ridge has moved on with someone else. She pointed out to the dressmaker they could kill two birds with one stone. However, her real motivation was to get back at her mortal enemy, Brooke.

Initially, Ridge was hesitant and didn’t want to hurt Brooke because he knew it would reopen wounds for her. Brooke was still trying to get over the fact he divorced her behind her back.

Spoilers tease Quinn knows Ridge cares about Shauna. She has been good to him and deserves to have a proper day that’s all about her. Quinn appeals to the dressmaker to make Shauna happy. A redo is a small price to pay to see a smile on the former Las Vegas showgirl’s face. Ridge agrees to the renewal for his new bride’s sake.

Shauna will be delighted when she hears that her husband wants to redo their vows. She has been feeling very guilty for her role in Ridge’s divorce. Little does he know it was she who forwarded the divorce documents to Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) and ordered him to file it. At Quinn’s insistence, she then wedded the dressmaker while he was under the influence. Although it took a little persuasion, she convinced her friend, who officiated the ceremony, to go ahead with the nuptials. If Ridge goes ahead with the wedding this time around, she’ll feel less guilty.