Viral Video Shows Trump Supporters Leaving Rally, Lining Up At Buses While He’s Still Speaking

Donald Trump waves at a campaign event.

A viral video showed supporters of Donald Trump exiting his rally on Saturday and lining up at buses to leave, all while the president was still speaking.

The clip was taken at the Trump re-election event in Pennsylvania on Saturday evening, part of the president’s busy schedule traveling to swing states in the weeks leading up to November’s Election Day. The clip was shared on Twitter by Business Insider reporter Eliza Relman, showing crowds of people walking out of the Harrisburg International Airport while Trump was still heard delivering remarks on the loudspeaker in the background. The people, many of them decked out in Trump 2020 gear and red hats, were seen lining up at buses that were parked outside.

It was not clear what prompted the early exit. While many of the president’s critics insinuated that those attending the rally were growing bored with his often long-winded statements, other reports noted that the weather was less than ideal. As USA Today noted, there was some precipitation while Trump spoke about the big stakes in the upcoming election.

“Taking the stage at a campaign rally amid a light drizzle, Trump reminded the crowd that he had just come from a White House Rose Garden ceremony where he nominated Barrett, a federal appeals court judge, to replace the late Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the nation’s highest court,” the report noted.

Trump’s critics have often taken aim at his re-election events and what appears to be a lack of support. After spending days generating attention for his return to the trail in June following several months of being shuttered due to the coronavirus, the re-election outfit was mocked for failing to meet the lofty expectations it set for a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As The Inquisitr reported, the campaign had bragged in the days leading up to the event that more than 1 million supporters registered for tickets, but the final attendance estimate was close to 6,200 people.

As The Inquisitr reported, Trump’s actions on stage at Saturday’s rally earned some attention as well. Trump also made headlines with a dig at the intelligence of his opponent, saying that Joe Biden is a “dumb guy.”

“Always known as a dumb guy,” Trump said. “But we look forward to seeing him in the debate. He’s got a lot more experience. He’s got 47 years. I’ve got 3 1/2 years. So we’ll see. But he’s got 47 years of experience.”