‘Big Brother’s’ Will Kirby Explains Why He Didn’t Join All-Stars & His Thoughts On Players Returning

Will Kirby on Big Brother All-Stars

Big Brother legend Dr. Will Kirby revealed himself as the new next-door neighbor to the All-Stars houseguests Thursday night. He will be participating in the Neighbor Week twist, which will see prizes as well as powers given in the week’s Head of Household (HOH) and Power of Veto (POV) competitions. Many were ecstatic to see Dr. Will come back to the game, especially given the theme of the summer.

Dr. Will caught up with Us Weekly after his big reveal and explained why he wasn’t inside the house with the rest of the returnees for BB22.

“Well, while placing no judgment on people who are playing this season, I personally didn’t feel like I could leave my family or take an absence from my career obligations right now,” he admitted. “Disappearing for three months wasn’t something that made sense to me personally. But I of course wanted to be involved in this season in some capacity and this role seemed like a great fit!”

This was the reasoning behind many legendary players’ absence from All-Stars this year, with Derrick Levasseur uttering similar sentiments just before the summer began. Dr. Will did not reveal if he was invited to play or not, but it would be a shock to find out producers didn’t at least try to get him on board.

Dr. Will Kirby appears on Big Brother

Dr. Will also gave his thoughts on BB22 players coming back to play Big Brother another time. For instance, this season of All-Stars was Janelle Pierzina’s fourth time in the game and Kaysar Ridha’s third. While fans usually love to see them, Dr. Will doesn’t necessarily agree they should have been on the show. He said he understands why some players would want a second chance at the game, but after that, he suggested some of the longer-tenured veterans might need a different hobby.

“So the question is, ‘Do we want to see them play again’? I’m of the personal opinion that we as viewers deserve some fresh blood.”

Fans were beyond excited to have Janelle and Kaysar back in the house, as well as Keesha Smith. So, some viewers would probably be happy if they came back again, but it’s unlikely to happen. It’s been rumored that All-Stars only occurred because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Producers knew the personalities of past competitors and didn’t have to do in-person interviews with new wannabes and risk contracting the virus. If the ongoing health crisis resolves, next summer should bring a house of all new faces.