‘Big Brother’ Star Da’Vonne Rogers Explains Why She Is Still Frustrated With Nicole Franzel

Da'Vonne Rogers sits in the Big Brother house.

Da’Vonne Rogers is the latest casualty of Big Brother All-Stars. The three-time player has found herself in the jury house yet again after being lied to by someone she thought she could rely on. For the last week, Da’Vonne had been giving David Alexander a hard time, as she was under the impression he flipped on their plan by voting to evict Ian Terry in the prior eviction. However, he really cast his vote for Tyler Crispen. Da’Vonne thought David went back on their plan because Nicole Franzel continued to lie to her, promising that she voted to get rid of Tyler, though that wasn’t the case at all.

After she was evicted, Da’Vonne found out the truth and became even more frustrated with Nicole. She revealed the details behind the lies and the subsequent hurt she felt while catching up with Entertainment Weekly.

“I was under the impression that Nicole and I were working together in the game. She was supposed to be my ally. So the fact that she decided to have multiple alliances was her dilemma. I came to her as my alliance member and my friend reestablishing the trust that we were working on,” she said.

Da’Vonne’s trust in Nicole gave her a bad read on the situation, which became a personal issue over a game issue.

Nicole Franzel competes on Big Brother

The reality star explained she is upset because she didn’t want to be the only Black female left in the house who was mad and untrusting of a Black male in the house. Da’Vonne said she offered Nicole an out to come forward with the truth over the Ian/Tyler vote and explained the larger issue at hand. Nicole still chose to lie, even knowing how the situation was personal to Da’Vonne.

“So finding out that she lied, that really sucks. That really, really sucks because I even gave her an out, I get that you were in an alliance, don’t blow up your game, but you could have used my excuse,” she continued.

If Nicole would have voted to evict Tyler, it would have come to a tie that would have to be broken by Head of Household Dani Briones. Dani and Nicole planned to have the vote go 5-3, specifically pinning the pretend flip on David.

Da’Vonne said she is still frustrated and she is unsure if she and Nicole will be able to put this whole situation behind them after All-Stars concludes.