Monday's 'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Summer Shocks Kyle

Rachel Dillin

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Monday, September 21, tease trouble for Devon (Bryton James) and Elena (Brytni Sarpy) when she catches him with Amanda (Mishael Morgan) talking about Hilary. Kyle (Michael Mealor) proposes, and Summer (Hunter King) stuns him with her own proposal. Nick (Joshua Morrow) worries to Jack (Peter Bergman) about their children making a big mistake.

Elena is concerned about Devon and Amanda, according to SheKnows Soaps. She cannot help but be angry at Nate (Sean Dominic) for putting this whole thing in motion. It isn't surprising, given that Amanda looks just like Hilary. The truth was bound to come out one way or the other, but Elena gives Nate a significant portion of the blame.

Elena convinced Devon not to tell Amanda anything else about Hilary, but he goes ahead and gives her some more of the dead woman's things, including her birth certificate. Devon doesn't tell Elena his plans, so she shows up while Amanda is there, which causes issues. Elena says she's not worried about Amanda, but she is concerned about Devon's grief regarding Hilary. It isn't easy to compete with a memory and Devon's love for Hilary is still strong.

Elsewhere, Summer has a proposal for Kyle, and he has one for her. Kyle arrives at Chancellor Park with a little blue box and Summer happens to have a little black box for her beau. Although Kyle is still technically married to Lola, he expects his divorce will be finalized any day now. He doesn't want to wait to make plans with Summer and she doesn't want to wait either. Both Kyle and Summer pop the question and the answer all around is yes.

Next is the planning and the announcing, but Summer agrees to keep things under wraps for a bit longer so Kyle's divorce can go through. Neither one of them realizes that Lola (Sasha Calle) happens to overhear their moment of happiness. It is unclear how she'll react.

Finally, Nick tells Jack the truth. The two men catch up with each other at Society, where Nick tells Jack all about Sharon's (Sharon Case) cancer fight. Jack is upset to hear the details and he offers to help her in any way he can.

However, Nick also has another subject to discuss with Jack: Kyle and Summer. Nick expresses his concern that Kyle will end up destroying Summer's heart again. Jack understands the worry, however, he feels confident that the two young adults have figured out what they want from life.