Spoilers For Friday's 'General Hospital': Robert Edges Closer To The Truth & Olivia Attempts A Rescue

Stacy Carey

Spoilers for Friday's episode of General Hospital tease that Robert may get some vital information about what has really happened to Holly. The last that viewers saw, both Robert and Ethan had been taken captive by Wilson Rudge and his goons. During the September 18 show, an intriguing conversation will take place that could lead to a bombshell revelation.

The sneak peek posted via Twitter on Friday shows that Robert will exclaim that he knew Holly was alive. Rudge appears to have a rather smug look on his face, which would seem to suggest that this situation may get more complicated before it is resolved.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Robert will be backed into a corner during Friday's show. Whether that comes before or after this Holly revelation isn't known, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that Olivia will feel compelled to try to intervene in some way.

The preview shows Olivia, still in her red evening gown, brandishing a weapon and standing by a closed door. She will look past the weapon she is holding out and ask for a little help, and her somewhat snarky tone would seem to suggest that it could be Robert she is talking to.

Rudge was at the pawnshop when Jason/Drew and Curtis went digging for information about the car bomb that killed Morgan. Rudge tried to kill the two men, and he was later involved in kidnapping Laura.

He was eventually arrested and sent to prison, but now he's back in the picture and running the casino in Monte Carlo. General Hospital spoilers indicate that this upcoming conversation could give Robert some direction regarding his search for the truth about Holly. However, it's not clear what he'll do next.

General Hospital teasers have hinted that Ethan will be around for a little while and despite his reservations about Robert, it does appear that they will team up to try to find Holly.

Olivia has insisted on staying involved, despite Robert's reservations, and this will cause issues with Ned when she does eventually return to Port Charles. Brook Lynn erased the message that Olivia left for Ned explaining her ongoing absence, so he's been left in the dark at this stage.

General Hospital teasers detail that this episode will also have some action related to Avery, Nikolas, and Ava, and the Corinthos family will face the heartbreaking aftermath of Mike's death.

Fans have had a lot to take in this week, and the September 18 show should be a wild one as well.