WWE News: ‘Friday Night SmackDown’ Superstar On Receiving End Of Death Hoax, ‘How Did I Die Though?’

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As documented by Sportskeeda, Lacey Evans was on the receiving end of a death hoax today. The news came after a fan noted the Friday Night SmackDown superstar’s Wikipedia page had been edited to say she’d passed away. However, Evans has since confirmed that she’s alive and well.

The original Wikipedia entry claimed “Lacey Evans used to perform on the SmackDown brand under the ring name Lacey Evans before her death.” The performer took the revelation with a pinch of salt and asked what caused her unexpected demise.

Evans’ comments section subsequently filled up with messages speculating how she could have died, some of which were quite imaginative.

“Probably slipped on a turtle shell outside and fell down some stairs into traffic and got hit by a Fiat that was driven by Jennifer Lopez as she was driving towards WWE headquarters to discuss possibly doing a movie with WWE pictures about females in the military,” wrote one user, referencing Evans’ background as a Marine.

A second follower stated she’d “ascended into pure fabulousness,” while another Twitter user suggested The Undertaker may have been responsible. The comments were generally lighthearted, even though the prank itself could be interpreted as nasty.

Ringside News speculated that whoever posted it may have been referring to her career, as she hasn’t found a lot of success in the ring recently. With Bayley and Sasha Banks positioned as the main event stars of the women’s division lately, the “Sassy Southern Belle” hasn’t been in the title picture.

The fan who informed Evans of the news was responding to a tweet by the performer in which she posted a picture of herself holding a cup of coffee and revealed she was getting ready for the September 18 episode of the blue brand’s weekly show.

The superstar appears to be looking forward to the night’s SmackDown episode. She doesn’t have a confirmed match as of this writing, but the company will be keeping some of the planned bouts under wraps for now. It remains to be seen if today’s hoax will be mentioned on television.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Evans may have helped Naomi receive a push on the blue brand. Fans were outraged after Naomi lost against her recently, and they took to social media afterward to launch a vocal campaign for her to be booked better. Officials supposedly took notice and are reportedly set to respond accordingly.