Wednesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sonny Hears Heartbreaking Advice From Stella As Mike Fades

Mike Corbin is nearing death and General Hospital spoilers suggest that this will be a significant focus of Wednesday's episode. Most of his loved ones have gathered around him during what are expected to be his final hours and his son Sonny Corinthos will struggle as he faces what's ahead.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Sonny will get some support from Lulu Spencer. His son and her ex-husband Dante Falconeri can't be there, but it sounds as if she will do her best to help the family in whatever way she can.

The sneak peek for the September 16 episode showed that Josslyn Jacks will return to Turning Woods and she'll share some insight with her mother, Carly Corinthos. Joss will tell her mom that she believes that her grandfather is aware of more than they realize. It seems likely that this thought will come in part from the time she spent with him last week saying goodbye.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Brando Corbin will stop by, asking the others if he can pay his respects. The two men never really had any significant relationship, but they are cousins. Brando may want to pay his respects not just for himself, but for his extended family, which is not in Port Charles.

Maurice Benard, Laura Wright, and Max Gail star on 'General Hospital'
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At some point, Jason and Carly will have a conversation. He will suggest that the person they are talking about will do the right thing because he always does.

The teasers don't reveal who they are talking about at this point. However, Jason will get an unexpected phone call of some sort during Wednesday's show, so that may be related to his conversation with Carly.

Both Stella and Felix have stayed close by the family's side to lend their insight and support. General Hospital teasers indicate that Stella will offer what could be a very difficult suggestion for Sonny. She will tell him that Mike might essentially be waiting for permission to let go.

Sonny might have a tough time trying to tell Mike he has permission to go, but he may also realize that Stella's suggestion is an essential one.

He has been struggling for a while now to let go and accept that his dad could no longer express his wishes. Sonny has grieved over not having more time with his father, so taking the step of telling Mike he can let go might be more than he will feel he can face.

It's clear yet whether Mike will pass during Wednesday's episode, later this week, or if this might carry over into next week. General Hospital spoilers do indicate that this is coming soon, though, and viewers are likely going to want to have tissues handy for when it does finally happen.