September 15, 2020
'General Hospital' Spoilers For Tuesday: Ned's Livid & Brook Lynn's Anxious Ahead Of Updates From Portia

During Tuesday's episode of General Hospital, spoilers indicate that Ned will lash out at Chase over Nelle. The anxious father wants justice for his daughter after she was attacked, but so far, Nelle remains unaccounted for after her fall by the cabin. In the meantime, Brook Lynn will get an update on her injuries, and she'll be anxious about where things stand.

The sneak peek posted Tuesday morning via Twitter shared some glimpses into the drama ahead. Brook Lynn has made some progress in her recovery, as she is able to talk again. However, she does not yet know whether she will be able to sing going forward.

According to teasers from SheKnows Soaps, Portia will have news for Brook Lynn during the September 15 episode. It seems that Brook Lynn will quickly get to what she considers the most essential part of this update: she will ask Portia if she will be able to sing again.

If the answer is no, Brook Lynn will certainly be completely devastated. She will always be glad she was able to provide Michael with critical information that helped him find Wiley. However, her singing career is everything to her and if this injury results in a permanent loss of that ability, she will be crushed.

As Brook Lynn braces herself for this conversation with her doctor, teasers suggest Ned will get testy with Chase in the hallways of General Hospital. Chase certainly wants to find Nelle and bring her to justice. Unfortunately, the PCPD has not yet been able to locate her.

Chase surely doesn't need any pressure from Ned over this, but teasers indicate he's about to receive some anyway. Ned will get heated as he rants about how he wants the woman who attacked his daughter brought to justice.

Will that ever happen? For now, spoilers suggest Nelle won't be popping up anytime soon. However, it does seem she is likely alive and will be back in Port Charles at some point.

What will happen to Brook Lynn if she learns her singing career is over? Will she find a way to forgive Ned for having kicked her out of the Quartermaine mansion over her ELQ deal with Valentin?

So far, she's been adamant she is not open to patching things up with her father. He's tried to apologize, but she's resisted. General Hospital spoilers hint there are a lot of tense moments ahead as this plays out, and viewers will get a sense of where things are headed during Tuesday's episode.