WWE Rumors: Company May Be Teasing New Romance Angle On 'Monday Night Raw'

It appears WWE might be adding a new twist to the ongoing feud between Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio, as this week's Monday Night Raw seemed to point to a potential on-screen relationship between Mysterio's daughter, Aalyah, and Rollins' former ally Murphy.

As recapped by WrestlingNews.co, WWE continued teasing the potential breakup of Rollins and Murphy's alliance ahead of the former's Steel Cage Match against Dominik Mysterio. At that time, the "Monday Night Messiah" berated his protege and asked him not to interfere in the contest. Murphy, however, would disregard the orders and assist Rollins in his win over the second-generation superstar.

After Rollins defeated Dominik, he exited the steel cage to attack Murphy, officially ending their partnership as he screamed insults at him, as seen in the video below. He was then heard telling Mysterio's wife, Angie, that he hopes Aalyah would turn out better than her big brother. This was followed by the entire family attending to the young man, with Aalyah pausing first to check on Murphy to make sure he was alright following the beatdown.

According to WrestlingNews.co, this could be a sign WWE is teasing a "romance storyline" featuring the 19-year-old and the Australian grappler.

The new development was the latest in a months-long feud that has taken many twists and turns. Notably, these included Mysterio losing his eye in kayfabe, as stipulated by his match against Rollins at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. At that time, the veteran performer was working without a contract, and the stipulation was put in place as a means to write him off in case he chose not to re-sign with WWE. Ultimately, Mysterio opted to sign a new deal and had reportedly chosen to continue working for Vince McMahon's promotion as he was promised more dates than what AEW had offered.

However, as The Inquisitr recently reported, it seems the company is rewarding Mysterio for his loyalty by continuing to push his son and prioritize the family's ongoing angle on Monday Night Raw.

Interestingly, the apparent teases of a storyline relationship between Murphy and Aalyah came exactly one week after the Mysterio family attacked Murphy in the ring with kendo sticks. In a post-show interview published on WWE's YouTube channel, Aalyah said it "felt really good" and "awesome" to avenge Dominik after feeling so helpless while watching at home as her brother got beaten up by his heel rivals. You can view this video here.