Cassie Randolph Files For Restraining Order Against ‘The Bachelor’ Colton Underwood

The Bachelor franchise seems to have just been hit with a first, as reports indicate that Cassie Randolph has just filed a restraining order against her former beau Colton Underwood. The two split a few months ago and had claimed to remain friendly, but that certainly appears to have taken a turn. It seems that this is the first time fans have heard of a restraining order being requested after a final couple broke things off, and people will be quite curious to learn more.

According to TMZ, Cassie filed the paperwork in court on Friday. She initiated the request in Los Angeles, and she and Colton both still live in the area.

What happened that drove Cassie to make such a move? Some details will surely emerge soon, but for now, specifics remain scarce. The media outlet noted that it was not yet known whether a judge had signed off on approving her request. So far, they had just uncovered the fact that the restraining order paperwork was filed.

Unfortunately, this is not the first sign of trouble in the post-romance relationship between the two Bachelor stars. The two announced their split in late May, and initially, the breakup seemed relatively amicable. It did not take long, however, for that to seemingly shift.

In July, after Cassie did a brief interview with host Chris Harrison for an update show, things got testy on social media. Colton made what seemed to be some thinly veiled digs toward her via his Instagram page, and she quickly clapped back.

There have been some public ups and downs with this split since then. However, neither Cassie nor Colton had ever shared specifics about what seemed to be some secrets regarding their breakup. Now, it certainly seems that something more significant must have transpired.

It did not take long for spoiler king Reality Steve to share the initial TMZ link via his Twitter page. He often has juicy insider scoop regarding these crazy relationship situations, but he’s apparently out of the loop now, too.

His first tweet said that he didn’t know anything more than fans did at this point. A few minutes later, he tweeted again.

“Even with very little details behind the story right now, I really hope I don’t need to tell you there’s absolutely nothing funny about this Cassie & Colton situation. Be better,” he wrote on Twitter.

While it’s not yet known what transpired ahead of this filing, it does seem likely that it was something significant if Cassie felt she needed to pursue this. She’s been open in the past about having a tough time being in the spotlight throughout all of this, and she surely would have known that this news would go public. For now, The Bachelor fans will need to sit tight and see what more emerges.

Update: According to Us Weekly, Cassie’s paperwork lists “Domestic Violence Prevention” as the reason for her request. Further specifics have yet to emerge publicly.

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