Busy Owner To Chicago Restaurant Robbers: 'Come Back In An Hour'

A pair of would-be Chicago restaurant robbers were told by the stressed (yet clever) owner to come back in an hour after the dinner rush was over. Bewildered, they did just that, and the police were waiting for them.

Apparently the dinner special that day included a side of justice.

The Chicago Tribune reports that 39-year-old Mario Garcia and 28-year-old Domingo Garcia-Hernandez were arrested and charged with one count of attempted aggravated robbery each after their attempted hold-up of a West Rogers Park restaurant went disastrously wrong.

The two men entered the busy restaurant Sunday evening, and demanded service from the owner. He told them that he was too busy, so they threatened him with a gun. "I will kill you, I have a gun with me,'' Garcia-Hernandez reportedly said.

He then displayed his gun through his shirt, discreet-gangster style.

Obviously concerned for the safety of his patrons, the owner asked both men to come back in an hour after the rush had subsided. Apparently, they found this to be completely reasonable and not-at-all suspicious.

So they left, and the owner called the police. The slightly challenged Chicago restaurant robbers returned in an hour like they were told and were promptly arrested by police.

Though they didn't bring it with them the second time, police recovered Garcia-Hernandez's gun... a spray-painted squirt gun that appeared to be a replica of a MAC-10, discovered in their back yard. The two apparently figured they'd need a real weapon, so Garcia returned with a metal baseball bat.

The next court date scheduled for the entirely-too-trusting Chicago restaurant robbers is on August 19. You can shame them by sharing their mugshot below:

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