WWE News: Arn Anderson Reveals How Company Devalued Sting And Ruined His Final Run

WWE Hall of Famer Sting points at his target

As documented by WrestlingNews.co, Arn Anderson spoke about Sting’s tenure in WWE on the latest episode of his podcast. According to Anderson, the company devalued the Hall of Famer by not having him win any of his two pay-per-view matches.

Sting lost to Triple H at WrestleMania 31, which many fans felt was WWE’s way of gaining one final victory over WCW. He was subsequently defeated by Seth Rollins at Night of Champions in 2015, which proved to be his last in-ring appearance.

The latter match was for the WWE Championship. It also happened right after the titleholder lost his United States Championship to John Cena, which Anderson felt was questionable booking.

Anderson stated that “The Architect” should have retained against Cena and lost to the Hall of Famer. The legend said that Cena had won enough titles not to be hurt by the loss, and Sting winning the big one would have turned some heads.

“I think once you lose two in a row, you pretty much devalue him and I would think his time has passed. I don’t think that is what you would want to leave the night with because he could have been at least until the next PPV where Seth exercises his return. You could have left it on Sting for three weeks and really shocked the audience, shocked the wrestling world, and shook a lot of things up.”

Sting was injured during the Rollins bout after taking a powerbomb to the turnbuckle. The performer subsequently retired from the squared circle, though he recently teased a comeback by challenging The Undertaker to a potential fight.

Sting appears on WWE television

However, The Undertaker is supposedly retired and Sting is 61 years old. While anything is possible in the world of sports entertainment, a dream showdown between the legendary superstars seems unlikely at this point.

Sting’s final run is regarded as a disappointment in the grand scheme of things. Most wrestling fans dreamed of seeing him join Vince McMahon’s company eventually, and when he finally did, he was booked poorly.

Sting doesn’t echo this sentiment. As noted by SEScoops, “The Icon” previously told the Chasing Glory podcast that he has no regrets over his run. He claimed that he was happy to have competed at WrestleMania and he enjoyed his final storyline.

He also stated that he resisted joining the company for years as he felt McMahon only wanted him to undermine WCW, as opposed to wanting to use him as a talent who could bring something to the table.