'Big Brother's' Nicole Franzel Blasted For Univiting Janelle Pierzina To Her Wedding In Nasty Goodbye Message

Big Brother fans are calling out Nicole Franzel for her rude goodbye message to Janelle Pierzina. After the legendary three-time star of the CBS reality show was evicted in Week 3 of the All-Stars game, the Season 18 winner uninvited the outgoing houseguest to her wedding.

In what may go down as one of the most bizarre goodbye videos ever, Nicole acknowledged that Janelle is a legend and that she had been excited to play in All-Stars with her. But then she quickly switched gears to add that they are not friends in the game or outside it.

"I know you probably don't want to come to my wedding, so just don't worry about it," she added with a smirk.

In the comments section to a video of Janelle posted on the show's official Instagram page, seen here, diehard fans blasted Nicole for her tasteless spiel when bidding farewell to the Big Brother legend.

"Nicole F was TASTELESS for uninviting Janelle to her wedding on TV. What an emotional weak player," wrote one viewer.

"I agree that was really classless. She's extremely immature and her behavior toward Janelle this season was like a high school mean girl," added another.

Other viewers wrote that they have lost all respect for the BB18 winner this season. Some said she doesn't even deserve Janelle at her nuptials.

"I used to like Nicole but yeah that was bad," another wrote. "I was like 'oh look she's going to be nice for her video, oh [nevermind].'"

On Twitter, viewers also slammed the bride-to-be's tacky farewell. Some fans warned her fiancée, fellow show veteran Victor Arroyo, to run before it's too late. Others were glad that host Julie Chen passed over the mean girl goodbye during her exit interview with the Minnesota realtor.

"They decided to air Nicole F uninviting Janelle to her wedding but KUDOS for Julie for not even asking J her thoughts about it and not giving Nicole any more undeserved airtime," one fan tweeted.

Big Brother star Janelle Pierzina sits down for her exit interview with Julie Chen

Live feed viewers knew that Nicole was going to drop a bomb on Janelle in her message. In a video posted to YouTube, the veteran player was seen telling Danielle Donato Briones and Christmas Abbott that she revoked her nemesis' invite while recording her parting words to her in the Diary Room. Live feed watchers know that Dani had encouraged her to do the deed.

While they won't be sharing a celebratory toast anytime soon, the catty behavior between the women was on an ongoing theme on Big Brother: All-Stars. When Nicole chose Janelle to take her spot as a Have Not, she made sure to include a dig about choosing someone who "likes to talk about me." Janelle later said she can't stand Nicole's "whiney voice."