‘General Hospital’ Fans Speculate About The Nina, Necklace, & Nelle Storyline After Big Cliffhanger

Cynthia Watros plays Nina on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

The big cliffhanger that came at the end of Thursday’s General Hospital episode left everybody with a lot of questions about what’s next. Nelle Benson fell after an intense altercation with Carly Corinthos, and it seems likely that she’ll either end up dead or presumed dead. If that is the case, it makes many viewers wonder what happens now with the storyline about Nelle being Nina Reeves’ long-lost daughter.

A few months ago, General Hospital viewers saw during flashbacks to Nelle’s childhood that she had the half-heart pendant that seemingly matched Nina’s. If those two pieces of jewelry truly matched, which certainly was suggested, it would mean that they are mother and daughter.

There have been several close calls with one woman seeing the other with the key piece of jewelry. However, up to this point, neither one knew what the other had. Now, Nelle seemingly fell to her death and fans cannot help but think there’s a juicy development on the way.

“They better not kill off Nelle cause Nina needs to know her kid is crazy,” one General Hospital fan joked via Twitter.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Jax will be anxious to protect Carly in the days ahead. Not only that, but they will also have a secret they keep between just them related to all of this. Naturally, this secret will prompt problems in the months ahead in their respective relationships.

Ingo Rademacher plays Jasper Jacks on 'General Hospital'
  Todd Wawrychuk / Walt Disney Television

Some General Hospital fans noticed that throughout Thursday’s episode, Nelle was wearing a necklace. It was seemingly that all-important heart pendant, and that generated some speculation about the upcoming secret that Jax and Carly will share.

Jax has been working with his contacts to try to make headway in finding Nina’s real daughter. If Carly and Jax scramble and find Nelle’s body before the authorities get there and see that pendant, that could prompt them to make a rash decision.

“Seems like Carly and Jax locate the body and notice the necklace and they take it off of her to spare Nina that’s what I think is coming,” one viewer tweeted.

If that is what happens, Jax and Carly will probably try to hide the jewelry to spare Nina the pain ahead. Not only would she be heartbroken to finally learn the identity of her child — just for her to have already died — but she’d surely be overcome with guilt over having exposed her in court.

General Hospital has been building up to this big reveal for a very long time now. Will it turn out to essentially be all for nothing?

The idea that Willow was truly Nina’s child was suspected for a long time, and the recent scenes between the two may serve to kick the speculation back into gear again.

Some folks have wondered if Nelle and Willow could end up being twins somehow. Others have suggested that perhaps Frank had placed the baby with Harmony but kept the necklace and ended up giving it to his own little girl. There are plenty of soapy ways that the writers could turn with this, but it looks as if everybody will be left wondering for now.

“Nelle fell off a cliff so if Nina finds out she has a dead kid all that time viewers wasted on that story will be for more nothingness,” another person tweeted.

Will General Hospital fans get a true payoff for sticking with the twists and turns of this storyline that have played out for more than two years now? Spoilers tease that it won’t take long for at least some details to be revealed, and everybody will be anxious for answers.