Nicki Minaj ‘Idol’ Outfit Too Hot For TV? Singer Slammed For Showing Cleavage On Fox Show

nicki minaj

Was Nicki Minaj’s AmericanIdol outfit a little too hot for TV? The singer was criticized on Twitter last night for wearing a tight red dress that highlighted her cleavage.

American Idol is considered a family show on Fox and many people thought that Minaj’s outfit was a little inappropriate.

One user wrote: “Nicki Minaj needs to reevaluate her outfit of choice tonight. Someone’s about to get flashed. Yikes.”

Another added: “Nicki Minaj, your outfit is disgusting.”

Of course, the producers on American Idol didn’t bring Nicki Minaj on the show to just sit there and be a polite and perfect judge. They brought her on the show because she brings a steady stream of controversy (and conversation) to American Idol.

In addition to wearing the skin tight outfit last night, Minaj also managed to sling a few insults at her rival Mariah Carey. After a brief argument, Minaj told Carey to “simmer down” and then added, “sir.”

Minaj and Carey have been feuding since they started taping this season of American Idol. Things nearly came to blows during one incident but it looks like it has calmed down a little bit on set. Minaj and Carey are apparently content with just undermining each other and tossing in an occasional insult here and there.

nicki minaj

Did you watch American Idol last night? What did you think of Nicki Minaj’s outfit.