Psy’s ‘Gentlemen’ Music Video Is The Quickest To Reach 100 Million Views On YouTube

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Psy’s new music video “Gentlemen” has proven that the South Korean singer is no one-hit wonder. Released on April 13, the new video has already surpassed 145 million pageviews.

Not only has “Gentlemen” had the same type of massive immediate success as “Gangnam Style,” it has become the fastest YouTube video to ever reach 100 million views after its release.

The only video to receive 100 million views in the same three day time period was footage of the Russian meteor that was posted on the site back in February.

Psy’s “Gentlemen” was investigated by researchers at Visible Measures, which writes:

“The speed with which the Russian Meteor video acquired views was quite astonishing at the time. But it made sense because the news story relied on user-uploaded videos of the meteor. The speed with which Gentleman is garnering views has less to do with its newsworthiness than with viewer’s curiosity to see how PSY would follow the success of “Gangnam Style,” the most viewed video of all time.”

If you are one of the few people who have yet to experience the Psy “Gentlemen” music video, here it is:

Psy has said he will eventually release an English language single for American fans, although he has not yet revealed when that new offering will arrive.

In the meantime, the South Korean singer appears to have found a formula that works on YouTube, and, with millions of dollars being raised through his viral success, we highly doubt he’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

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