Cancer Patient, Henry Hallam, Gets 700 Birthday Cards With Messages Of Support

This year has been a tough one for 4-year-old Henry Hallam who has been fighting cancer, but his birthday made things a little better because he received over 700 birthday cards filled with messages of support.

According to Yahoo!, Henry's mother, Elsbeth, 29, appealed to well-wishers to send the four-year-old birthday messages - but was shocked when she received over 700 cards from around the world.

"Messages of support flooded in from as far afield as Finland, Dubai and Hong Kong - making brave Henry a possible world record breaker." reported that Henry has spent the last year in Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and was unable to celebrate turning foun on August 30 because he was undergoing intensive treatment.

When he was finally allowed to visit home for a belated birthday party, he was able to open all of his cards and presents.

Elsbeth, an emergency nurse, said: "Me and Mike have been so touched and overwhelmed by the support we have received from across the country and world.

"We've had cards from Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, France, Germany, Tasmania – you name it.

"Although his birthday was at the end of August, they are still arriving and I expect they will keep coming for months to come.

"It would be fantastic to set a world record. This past year has been a nightmare, it's a hideous disease and he's fought so hard."

Mike, an electrical engineer, added: "It's quite unbelievable to see all these cards. It's a great feeling to see Henry literally surrounded by cards with supportive messages.

"We'll enjoy going through and reading them all one by one." continued on to say that Henry's parents will find out next month if his treatment has removed his cancer, but even if it has, there is still a 60 percent to 80 percent change of it returning.

Yahoo! reported that if Henry's cancer does return, then he only has a five percent change of surviving if he stays in the UK.

"Through Hugs for Henry, his parents are desperately trying to raise the half a million pounds to take him to the US for a T-Cell transplant and antibody treatment which are not available in the UK.

"The appeal fund currently stands at just under £120,000."

To donate to the Hugs for Henry campaign, visit:

[Image via Shutterstock/Ruth Black]