Miley’s Wedding Off, Hints Dad Billy Ray Cyrus

So Miley’s wedding is off, or maybe it might still happen, or — you know what? Billy Ray Cyrus just isn’t sure if his daughter will ever marry Liam Hemsworth. That’s the confusing news from daddy dearest Billy Ray Cyrus, who has a new memoir, Hillbilly Heart, to promote.

When ABC tried to pin him down about the alleged split between Miley and Hemsworth, Billy Ray could be accused of mumbling a bit: “You know they’re young. They’re kids…great news is…they’re really really good friends.”

Uh oh.

“I play it by ear. Whatever’s meant to be, that’s the way it’s going to happen,” Billy Ray added.

When Liam Hemsworth was spotted with Mad Men’s January Jones earlier this year, the engagement ring temporarily disappeared from Miley Cyrus’ finger. She denied that they were breaking up, and she even took a break from social media.

But she can never stay away from Twitter for long, especially with new music to promote.

Anyway, Billy Ray’s big mouth isn’t enough of a reason to call off Miley’s wedding. The National Enquirer has just published a new claim from an unnamed source that Liam Hemsworth was still texting January Jones. If the unconfirmed cheating allegations are true, that’s a lot bigger reason for a breakup than a hustling father with a book to sell.

Considering the on-again, off-again engagement ring antics earlier this year, Billy Ray may not have any insider knowledge of the situation. He appears to just be making a good guess when he hints that Miley’s wedding is off.

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