Easy Treezy Continues To Win Over Customers, Earn Good Reviews Despite ‘Shark Tank’ Disappointment

A picture of the company Easy Treezy.
Eric McCandless / ABC

Easy Treezy came out of its Shark Tank appearance last year with almost everything that a small company could want — some good reviews, customer support, and viral buzz. Everything, that is, but an investment from one of the sharks.

The company, which sells pre-lit and easy-to-assemble Christmas trees, was featured in a 2019 episode of the ABC reality show that was revisited again this month. Viewers will see what was a somewhat disappointing appearance, with no investors willing to step forward and infuse cash that would have allowed the small outfit to grow along with its increasing demand.

However, as Meaww noted, Easy Treezy failed to win over the notoriously tough investors but did more than enough to win over viewers and customers and earn some viral buzz. The episode was followed by a flood of upset viewers calling out the show’s wealthy hosts for not being willing to take a leap and support it.

“Apparently, people think that this is a very practical, and brilliant idea which can save a lot of money, time, hassle, and process.” the outlet wrote. “Even the sharks felt that the trees can prove to be a good seasonal business. But, despite people loving the idea, none of the sharks decided to go ahead with an investment and fans are disappointed.”

The lack of interest stood out to many as somewhat hypocritical, with a number taking to social media to note that Kevin O’Leary had previously invested in another holiday decor business while passing on the pre-fabricated tree provider.

The failed pitch doesn’t seem to have slowed Easy Treezy much. As its social media feed shows, the outfit has been offering sales throughout the summer and even runs a blog on its website giving some tips on Christmas decorating, including a recent write-up on how to use smaller trees to decorate the home.

Not all businesses have fared so well after failing to score some investments on Shark Tank. While the hosts were more timid to bite on what they were felt might not be a successful long-term business model with Easy Treezy, other episodes have featured more harsh criticism of the products being offered, leading to a sharp decline for some outlets. As The Inquisitr noted, the snack bar company MinusCal has little online presence and nearly nonexistent sales options after being ravaged by the show’s investors for what they saw as misleading claims about its healthiness.