'General Hospital' Friday Spoilers: Maxie's Suspicious & Terry's Got Questions About Cyrus

During Friday's episode of General Hospital, spoilers detail that Maxie Jones will wonder what has Lucy Coe on edge. People are gathering at Wyndemere for the unveiling of Ava Jerome's portrait, and it sounds as if viewers can expect some juicy developments during this event. In addition, Dr. Terry Randolph will be popping up and she'll apparently be curious to know more about mob boss Cyrus Renault.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter shows that Maxie and Peter August will be together as the Wyndemere event gets going. General Hospital teasers suggest that Lucy will be acting perhaps more flighty than ever because Maxie will suspect that her Deception partner is trying to hide something.

Of course, as viewers know, that's indeed the case. Lucy voted against the Quartermaines and with Valentin Cassadine with her ELQ stock and it looks like she's feeling pretty jumpy about everybody learning about this.

Maxie may end up being more understanding than many others, as she knows about Valentin helping fund the Deception relaunch. However, it seems that Lucy anticipates getting some grief from people at the big party.

The preview also shows that Terry will be popping up at General Hospital. Viewers have not seen her in quite some time, but she's apparently not entirely out of the picture. She will chat with her friend Elizabeth Webber about Ava's event, lending some moral support to her childhood buddy.

Liz will explain that she's not attending the party because she doesn't want to be a part of Ava taking advantage of Franco's colorful past. Terry will probably be understanding of this, and perhaps give Elizabeth some sage advice.

According to SheKnows Soaps, there's more involving Terry ahead with this August 14 show. She'll show some curiosity regarding Cyrus, perhaps because of his new role with General Hospital.

Where is this curiosity of Terry's headed? This could turn out to be nothing much, but some fans wonder if this is a sign of something shady and significant. Could Terry have some sort of secret association with Cyrus?

The mobster may still be relatively new to Port Charles, but it's already been revealed he's got some useful connections. Not much is known about Terry's time prior to arriving in town. Given that, it could be quite interesting if she turned out to be more than the friendly, supportive doctor she's been shown as up to this point.

Everybody will see more of Terry's curiosity during the August 14 show, and it should become clear fairly quickly if this is a sign of something more or just a passing question or two. There are plenty of secrets swirling throughout Port Charles these days and General Hospital spoilers hint that Friday's episode could be revealing some tantalizing tidbits.