Adam Lanza Bullied At Sandy Hook, Relative Claims

Newtown shooter Adam Lanza was bullied at Sandy Hook Elementary, the site of the horrific massacre during which 20 children and six staffers were brutally murdered in December.

Initially, information about the man responsible for the killings was scant, but a picture eventually began to emerge — and now a relative says Adam Lanza was bullied while attending the school he ultimately visited indescribable terror and bloodshed upon.

The relative of Lanza was not identified as anything other than a “family member” when speaking to the New York Daily News, and he or she says Nancy Lanza, Adam’s first victim on that day, believed that her young son was terribly unprotected by school officials in the wake of alleged abuse from classmates.

The family’s relative explains:

“Nancy felt fiercely protective of him … She was convinced the school wasn’t doing enough to protect Adam. It made her irate.”

According to the unnamed source, Adam Lanza was bullied physically at Sandy Hook in his days as a student but, either due to his condition or fear, was unwilling to discuss his alleged injuries.

The relative says that Nancy Lanza was so desperate to protect Adam, she even accompanied him to Sandy Hook in his student days in an attempt to find out what was going wrong. He or she goes on to say:

“Adam would come home with bruises all over his body … His mom would ask him what was wrong, and he wouldn’t say anything. He would just sit there … She was trying to get proof. She wanted to know where the bruises were coming from.”

Interestingly, the relative says that after Adam Lanza was bullied during his time at Sandy Hook, he was never “right” again — and the individual describes his or her nephew as a “sick boy.”

After the massacre, advocates for people on the Autism spectrum reminded speculators that people with conditions like Asperger’s (with which Adam Lanza is believed to have been diagnosed) are far more likely to be on the receiving end of violence than to dole it out.