Michael Cohen Shares Excerpt From Trump Tell-All Book ‘Disloyal,’ Claims President Wanted Him Dead

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former lawyer and fixer, shared an excerpt from his upcoming book, Disloyal, just 81 days before the 2020 presidential election. On Thursday, he shared a photo of the book’s cover on Twitter, along with a link to its almost 4,000-word foreword.

The foreword hinted readers will find damaging information about Trump in the memoir, including his statement that his former boss wanted him “dead.”

It also addressed Cohen’s personal struggles, including his breakdown before he testified in front of the House Oversight Committee in February 2019.

“I had the first panic attack of my life. I struggled to breathe and stand. The pressure was too much; I had contemplated suicide in recent weeks, as a way to escape the unrelenting insanity,” he wrote in the excerpt.

In December 2018, the 53-year-old disbarred attorney was sentenced to three years in federal prison after he pleaded guilty to tax evasion and campaign finance violations.

According to CNN, Cohen was released to home confinement in May due to COVID-19 concerns. He was taken back to jail in July after he refused to sign a document that prevented him from talking to the media. Several days later, a judge ruled that Cohen’s release was approved, calling his re-arrest “retaliatory” because he wanted to write about his former boss.

Disloyal is expected to be published soon. What Cohen wrote about his former boss could create major news headlines in the days leading up to the race for the White House. He also noted in the excerpt that it is a book that the president “does not want you to read.”

Cohen also wrote about some of the things he did that he has had to live with since he stopped working for the business mogul. He claimed that he “stiffed contractors” and “ripped off his business partners.” His words sound like they are straight out of a mob movie.

Disloyal will likely get the commander-in-chief’s attention, but since Cohen tweeted out information about his memoir, his followers have also shown keen interest in the tell-all.

His tweet on Thursday garnered almost 14,000 and more than 6,000 retweets in less than two hours. Over 2,000 people commented on the post, and many followers offered their support for Cohen and congratulated him on his new venture.

“You admitted your mistakes, testified under oath and faced the consequences. Bravo and best of luck,” one person commented.

“As much as I despised some of the things you did, you are a brave and honorable man for standing up for what is right, no matter how gloomy your future once looked,” another pointed out.

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